Simple mehndi designs for beginners

Mehendi along with Haldi is said to be two of the most auspicious elements of Indian culture. In all Indian and Pakistani functions, Mehendi is an important part and mostly you will notice the professional Mehendi artist who is treated with lots of respect and care. Whether you want to become a full fledged Mehendi artist or you only want to learn the art for your benefit

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Bridal Mehndi

Bridal Mehndi

Simple Mehendi Designs are increasingly sought out by modern young brides who love an innovative twist in their wedding attire. The bride has to perform many ceremonies with her hands on her wedding day and if they are laced with delicate Henna patterns then it will add beauty and purity to the entire ceremony. Many brides today look for a linear simple design with asymmetrical floral and jail work which sets off the beauty of the hand without cluttering it. Simple bridal Mehendi designs are often quite difficult to make because the detailing is finer.

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Simple mehndi

Simple mehndi

Mehendi or the art of decorating hands and other body parts with crushed Henna leaf extract has inspired and beautified women since 100 of years. Nowadays there are women who think that Mehendi is a time consuming art and they struggle to make up time in their busy schedule for it. However simple Mehendi designs too look gorgeous and elegant and you can easily beautify your hands with easy to do designs before you set off for some function. There are lots of Mehendi simple designs which are inspired from motifs we use in our daily lives.

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