Simple mehndi design for hand

Mehendi suits Asian skin a lot as the red and orange highlights bring out the hidden sparks in the whitish or sometimes sallow complexion of women in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Mehendi designs can be as simple as darkened tips on the fingers and a decorative circle in the middle. This relatively simple and yet elegant design can transform an ordinary looking hand to an object of beauty. There are so many simple Mehendi designs you can apply to your hands on days you dont have time for sittings for long sessions with a Mehendi artist. Just draw a simple motif like a pea cock or flowers in increasing sizes or paisleys at the base of your hand and then keep on expanding it. Remember in simple Mehendi designs, the work mostly proceeds in an angular way with the artistry covering only certain parts of the hand while rest of the portion is left bare.
Jali work is inspired from traditional Rajasthani Mehendi art where rows and rows of fine decorative meshes are drawn in angular or circular shapes on the hands and feet. When done on the hands, this simple mesh Mehendi design looks gorgeous and yet evocative. The trellis design on the other hand is inspired from myths of Arabia. There is a graceful vine which crawls across the hands like a serpent and its body is laden with luscious grapes or blooms or peacocks. The vine design is so simple yet beautiful than you can DIY (Do it yourself) after a couple of practice sessions.

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Bridal Mehndi

Bridal Mehndi

Simple Mehendi Designs are increasingly sought out by modern young brides who love an innovative twist in their wedding attire. The bride has to perform many ceremonies with her hands on her wedding day and if they are laced with delicate Henna patterns then it will add beauty and purity to the entire ceremony. Many brides today look for a linear simple design with asymmetrical floral and jail work which sets off the beauty of the hand without cluttering it. Simple bridal Mehendi designs are often quite difficult to make because the detailing is finer.

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Simple mehndi beginners

Simple mehndi beginners

Mehendi is an art which every girl wants to learn especially if she is beauty conscious. Generally people have a notion that drawing Henna designs on the hands is a long and complicated process which requires copious investments of time and patience. However nowadays simple Mehendi designs for beginners are available in case you are looking for uncomplicated, fuss free yet lovely designs for decking up your (or your friends hands). Its easier to learn the Arabic style of Mehendi if you are a beginner as this design will cover your entire hand across angles. Arabic design is done by making trellises or meshes on the skin which are then expanded to make a simple yet ravishing design.

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