Simple and Awesome Mehndi Designs 2014 for Hands

Mehendi artists are no longer restricted to traditional imagery and old school mesh work. Modern designs of Henna/ Mehendi have evolved which emply a much more relatable modern approach. When you look at 2014 Mehendi patterns you will realize that women and artists too prefer the modern style as it takes a lot less time and patience. 2014 had brought with it dazzling Mehendi designs for Rakhi, Puja, Eid, Diwali , Karwa Chauth and many other festive and joyous occasions.
One common trend in 2014 simple Mehendi Designs is the use of colours and sequins to beautify the base pattern made by Mehendi. Orange and red coloured bio friendly skin safe sequins are actively used in 2014 Mehendi designs in order to emphasize the beauty of the hand wearing it. Another very common trend of latest Modern Mehendi designs is the fusion of traditional designs with modern motifs. So this is how traditional floral motifs are now presented in assymetrical lines and typically Rajasthani motifs like the images of bride and groom are seen with hearts and stars which are nontraditional motifs. 2014 Mehendi designs are all about breaking rules and creating a fuss free uncomplicated yet dazzling look for the hands. Another trend of 2014 is to sport Mehendi on unconventional areas of the body like upper arms, calves of the legs, nape, back and shoulders in order to make a bold and funky statement which will dazzle all onlookers.

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Easy mehndi

Easy mehndi

Mehndi designs are a hot favorite for almost all women. Whatever community or culture you belong to, if you love to brush up on your feminine grace and beauty, decking your palms, hands and feet with Mehndi is something which you would obviously look for and in fact be crazy about. There goes a saying amongst the female community that men are more drawn towards women who have done all their solah sringars or the 16 self-beautification rites of which applying Mehndi is definitely one. So no matter how traditional or modern a woman is, everyone loves to apply Mehndi in order to allure their male counterpart. There are different types of Mehndi designs

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Easy mehndi

Easy mehndi

There are 2 general ways in which you can quickly make simple Mehendi designs on your hands

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