Simple Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

For brides the tradition of Mehendi holds a special significance in their lives. Mehendi artists are invited to the home of would be brides where they sit and painstakingly carve exquisite creations of art on the hands of the bride. It is said by ancient bards that the deeper the imprint of Henna or Mehendi leaves on the hands of the bride the stronger will be the love of her future husband for her. Most girls are seen praying wistfully and applying all kinds of Mehendi enhancers like lemon, sugar and water, coconut oil, til oil etc on the hands in order to enhance the colour of Henna. Simple designs of Mehendi like lotus blooms, peacocks, pictures of the bride and groom, vines with laden fruit and intricate mesh work evoke feelings of contentment and auspicious bliss on the hands of the bride.
Nowadays Mehendi artists employ modern approach while applying simple bridal Mehendi designs to the hands. Often colours like Emerald green, turquoise blue, fuchsia and royal purple are also used to enhance the simple motifs of paisley, flowers, birds and traditional motifs which are etched in Mehendi. It is often more easier and time effective to apply simpler Mehendi design on the brides hands than to spend hours and hours in creating intricate patterns. Simple Mehendi designs also let the outfit and the jewelry of the bride make an impact while detailing the loveliness of the woman who is set out for the most important event of her life. Often letters of the grooms name are hidden in the meshes of Mehendi and the groom has to hunt them out to impress the bride.

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Simple mehndi

Simple mehndi

Mehendi or the art of decorating hands and other body parts with crushed Henna leaf extract has inspired and beautified women since 100 of years. Nowadays there are women who think that Mehendi is a time consuming art and they struggle to make up time in their busy schedule for it. However simple Mehendi designs too look gorgeous and elegant and you can easily beautify your hands with easy to do designs before you set off for some function. There are lots of Mehendi simple designs which are inspired from motifs we use in our daily lives.

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Simple mehndi beginners

Simple mehndi beginners

Mehendi is an art which every girl wants to learn especially if she is beauty conscious. Generally people have a notion that drawing Henna designs on the hands is a long and complicated process which requires copious investments of time and patience. However nowadays simple Mehendi designs for beginners are available in case you are looking for uncomplicated, fuss free yet lovely designs for decking up your (or your friends hands). Its easier to learn the Arabic style of Mehendi if you are a beginner as this design will cover your entire hand across angles. Arabic design is done by making trellises or meshes on the skin which are then expanded to make a simple yet ravishing design.

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