Mehndi design images

Mehndi, as you probably know, is the famous Indian form of body painting that is done by using a natural dye made from the paste of a plant known as Lawsonia Inermis. It looks red in color and can stain your skin in a beautiful way, to make attractive patterns. Mehndi design images can be simple lines, shapes or designs.
In India, Arab countries and Pakistan, young girls and brides are often found to sport Mehndi designs. At the time of weddings, it is a must for brides. It is customary for young brides to etch their hands with Mehndi patterns. Even bridesmaids and girls attending to the bride or even those simply attending the wedding event can be found to etch these designs on their hands. While most of these usually include floral patterns, many also bear geometric shapes and tiny symbols and figures.
Popular Mehndi design images include floral patterns, patterns of animals, leaves, sun, heart and even geometric shapes like triangles or curves that appear attractive and beautiful to view. Once popular in India, Pakistan and the countries of UAE, the mehndi art form also enjoys a lot of popularity in the West since the mid-1990s. You may use the internet as a resource to get free images, instructions and videos to know how you can easily etch Mehndi designs on your skin. You can pick up different methods to etch Mehndi designs and with time, be able to do the etching yourself. These videos and Mehndi design images on internet, in other words can help you gain professional expertise.

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Marwari mehndi

Marwari mehndi

When you look at 2014 Marwari Mehendi patterns you will realize that women and artists too prefer the modern style as it takes more time and patience. However in traditional weddings and festivities which require singular focus on motifs Marwari Mehendi is still the first choice for everyone. when it comes to dazzling Mehendi designs for Rakhi, Puja, Eid, Diwali , Karwa Chauth and many other festive and joyous occasions girls prefer Marwari Mehendi styles for their hands and feet.

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