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Marwari mehndi

Marwari mehndi

When you look at 2014 Marwari Mehendi patterns you will realize that women and artists too prefer the modern style as it takes more time and patience. However in traditional weddings and festivities which require singular focus on motifs Marwari Mehendi is still the first choice for everyone. when it comes to dazzling Mehendi designs for Rakhi, Puja, Eid, Diwali , Karwa Chauth and many other festive and joyous occasions girls prefer Marwari Mehendi styles for their hands and feet.

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Mehndi design

Mehndi design

Mehndi design images are amazing to look at and you will literally be mesmerized at the variations of styles and patterns that can be done on the hand with this art form. For brides, Mehndi designs are an object of great love and signify their tastes and personality. The fact that Mehndi dyes are made from plants make them safe to be used on the skin. While Indian style of mehndi is known for a large dot and a figure over the middle of the palm, the Arabic patterns are of darker colors and have less detailed designs. Most of these designs in Arabia include beautiful flowers, vines and leaves. Mehndi is even done in Africa and the patterns are usually dots and geometric shapes. In India, it is believed that the darker the color of the Mehndi on a brides palm, the more successful her marriage will be. Mehndi is also popular during occasions like Diwali and Karwa Chauth..

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