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In India, the latest hand Mehendi design using dried and crushed Henna leaves has an illustrious history. There was a time when the women of the house would congregate together with the purpose of making elaborate designs on the hands and feet. Mehendi as applied then was a long process and was actually a bonding time between friends and families. Every year all special festivals of India were celebrated with application of beautiful Mehendi designs on hands and feet. The significance of Mehendi is still the same but youngsters have now started experimenting a lot in terms of designs and motifs. Unlike the earlier times there is no sole dependence on paisley, peacock, mesh, flowers, bride grooms, palenquins, processions, shehnai, drums etc. modern girls employ all types of motifs right from swastika to tribal art to gothic symbols in their mehendi. The art of Mehendi is now intricately woven into the lives of people and symbols are selected for their readability, creativity and innovativeness.
The designs of yesterday primarily consisted of mesh work, flowery vines, paisley patterns , leafy vines, ,peacock patterns, circular designs, shaded designs etc in traditional form. Now modern fusion Mehendi which is unique in nature is used and there is fusion between contemporary symbols and traditional patterns to create unique art form. Different colors, glitters, sequins, metal dust and differently styled acrylic nails are used to give a glamorous edge to simple and unique Mehendi designs.

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Eid mehndi

Eid mehndi

A fantastic trend in Eid Mehendi design trend is the use of sequins, glitters, colors, stones and embellishments in the Mehendi patterns. Eid Mehendi designs are no longer restricted to traditional Muslim icons like peacock, paisley, moon and stars. Young women now want to experiment with different shapes, colors and beads. This design is all coloured over with gold dust, turquoise and emerald colors to apply a beautiful contrast to the colour of Henna. In Eid functions most women always apply a heavier and ornate version of Mehendi design in her hands and feet. There are so many ways in which you can take inspiration from Eid designs of Henna.

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Eid mehndi

Eid mehndi

Traditional Muslim women who draw Eid Mehendi designs have the style of making outline with black Mehendi and then filling up inner space with red Mehendi. This is a Pakaistani Mehendi style. However latest Eid design Mehendi images are more contemporary and have mixture of Arabic style, Pakistani style and Rajasthani style. Nowadays the dress for Eid is selected before a long time and a matching Eid Mehendi design is planned out which will set off the design of the outfit. Mehendi has become a type of body art now with young girls covering the calves of their legs and arms with beautiful Mehendi designs. The trend is to search for 2014 Eid Mehendi design from the Internet and then ask their favourite Mehendi artist to replicate the image.

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Mehndi designs

Mehndi designs

Mehndi designs for hands 2014 are simply a blend of simple and complicated designs. Most of these are creative alterations of traditional designs although some of these are true novel designs, inspired from artworks and movies. Indian family movies often show elaborate wedding ceremonies and main characters are often found to sport attractive patterns that inspire average moviegoers. Even daily soaps frequently show characters etching themselves with Mehndi designs which are aped by girls who watch the shows regularly. Some of the designs are inspired by nature while some are inspired by designs prevalent or introduced in other countries, like Pakistan, Arabic countries and Africa. While Indian patterns are much detailed and covered fully by Mehndi, Pakistani designs are more intricate. Arabic patterns make use of vines, leaves and flowers while African designs make use of dots and geometric shapes. These designs are temporary and can be etched in a painless manner, which make them so popular for modern girls

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