Latest Mehndi Designs 2014 image

Mehendi Design booklets are found in the home of every fashion loving girl who likes to experiment with the art of Mehendi. Modern women are no longer restricted to traditional Middle East and Rajasthani patterns of Mehendi design. Nowadays mixing Indian/ Rajasthani / Rajputana Mehendi styles have become the latest trend as reflected in Mehendi design images of 2014. There are various Mehendi design patterns which employ a much more relatable contemporary approach of design. Just check out Mehendi design images on Google and you will see everything from the traditional Rajasthani bride and groom designs to contemporary colour infused Mehendi design. 2014 treats Mehendi more as a style of body art than a traditional hand and feet decorative fashion.
One common trend in 2014 Mehendi designs images is the use of glitter, sequins and embellishments in the Mehendi patterns. Most girls nowadays look for specific Mehendi designs which will go well with their outfit for the festive day so colour is an important factor. It has also become a style to present intricate, richly decorated Mehendi patterns in clean cut angular lines, geometrical shapes and new structures. Latest Mehendi design images are fuss free and concentrate on the aspects of colour and contrast in which a specific area of the hand is highlighted in a beautiful manner leaving a great contrast between the unadorned skin and the ravishing red Mehendi.

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