Eid mehndi designs for hands

Eid Mehendi design art has evolved a lot now and Mehendi artists have grown more experimental. As said earlier the festivities of Eid and the holy beauty of the new moon cannot be complete without the beauty of Mehendi demonstrated on the hands and feet of women. Generally ladies of the house spend a lot of time researching on the perfect design which will let them offset the beauty of their chosen Eid costume. Mehendi design can be of Indian/Rajasthani/Pakistani/Arabic style and can either be red/black or coloured all over with sequins and shimmer. Eid Mehendi design images are festive and are done with a lot of care by expert Mehendi artists.
The type of Mehendi Design in Eid has to be matched well to the outfit that the girl is wearing be it a Sharara or a Saree or a Lehenga or a Salwar Kameez or even a decorative Abaya. In Eid there is a common practice of Mehendi artists integrating star and moon design in the hands of the women. Arabic holy inscriptions are also sometimes hidden in the Henna design for Eid.
Not only is Eid Mehendi design meant for beautifying the hands with sharp Black or gorgeous red Mehendi which sets of a lovely contrast between the whiteness of the skin and darkness of Mehendi but the designs are nowadays used by people of all cultures and religions. Nor are the Eid Mehendi designs restricted to only the hands. The legs should be filled in with intricate vine like designs which show a lovely meshwork.

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Eid mehndi

Eid mehndi

A fantastic trend in Eid Mehendi design trend is the use of sequins, glitters, colors, stones and embellishments in the Mehendi patterns. Eid Mehendi designs are no longer restricted to traditional Muslim icons like peacock, paisley, moon and stars. Young women now want to experiment with different shapes, colors and beads. This design is all coloured over with gold dust, turquoise and emerald colors to apply a beautiful contrast to the colour of Henna. In Eid functions most women always apply a heavier and ornate version of Mehendi design in her hands and feet. There are so many ways in which you can take inspiration from Eid designs of Henna.

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Eid Mehndi Designs

Eid Mehndi Designs

Mehendi the original, traditional and body decorating art form of India has evolved into a cosmopolitan design sensibility. Itís common to see Mehendi parlours sprouting like tattoo parlours in the cities and youngsters flock to them in order to get their bodies inked and decorated. There are Special Mehendi patterns where traditional motifs like roses, trailing vines, peacocks, paisleys have been fused with evolved art like Chinese and Gothic symbols. Nor is Mehendi only restricted to red and black colours. You can find everything from green to pink to brilliant blue to emerald green and purple and all other colours that rainbow can dream of unique Mehendi designs are drawn on Hands and feet and also other areas of body like waist, throat. Neck, thighs and stomach..In some respects Mehendi has become one of the healthier options to the art of tattoo in terms of the choices and the unique design range which it offers.

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Mehndi designs

Mehndi designs

Mehndi designs for hands 2014 are simply a blend of simple and complicated designs. Most of these are creative alterations of traditional designs although some of these are true novel designs, inspired from artworks and movies. Indian family movies often show elaborate wedding ceremonies and main characters are often found to sport attractive patterns that inspire average moviegoers. Even daily soaps frequently show characters etching themselves with Mehndi designs which are aped by girls who watch the shows regularly. Some of the designs are inspired by nature while some are inspired by designs prevalent or introduced in other countries, like Pakistan, Arabic countries and Africa. While Indian patterns are much detailed and covered fully by Mehndi, Pakistani designs are more intricate. Arabic patterns make use of vines, leaves and flowers while African designs make use of dots and geometric shapes. These designs are temporary and can be etched in a painless manner, which make them so popular for modern girls

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