Easy mehndi designs for hands

jali work and trellis work. Both these concepts are simple because of use of same motifs across the angles of the hand with crushed Henna leaf extract. Mehendi designs and Henna art has inspired and beautified women since 100s of years. Nowadays modern working women have lesser time on their hands and they think that Mehendi is a time consuming art and they struggle to make up time in their busy schedule for it. Use a lot of embellishments like shimmer, gold dust, sequins which can make even simple Mehendi designs stand out and look elegant and gorgeous.

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Easy mehndi

Easy mehndi

Mehndi designs are a hot favorite for almost all women. Whatever community or culture you belong to, if you love to brush up on your feminine grace and beauty, decking your palms, hands and feet with Mehndi is something which you would obviously look for and in fact be crazy about. There goes a saying amongst the female community that men are more drawn towards women who have done all their solah sringars or the 16 self-beautification rites of which applying Mehndi is definitely one. So no matter how traditional or modern a woman is, everyone loves to apply Mehndi in order to allure their male counterpart. There are different types of Mehndi designs

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Awesome Mehndi

Awesome Mehndi

There are hot new trends coming up in 2014 in terms of fresh new ideas and creative concepts in Mehendi designs. These are trends which women (and sometimes men) of all age groups can sport and make a strong style statement. There are hot new styles of 2014 like wearing multicoloured sequins on Mehendi pattern and mixing Arabic and Rajasthani designs to create a fusion look. Motifs like kits, parrots, serpents, stars and other non conventional imagery which looks fresh and new. The modern Mehendi designs of 2014 are made to represent the changing face of beautification which is preferred by quintessential modern woman of 2014 who wants style and simplicity. There are different kinds of dresses like Lehenga, Saree, Anarkali, Sharara and Salwar Suits which can be paired with trendy Mehendi designs of 2014 to create a dazzling and gorgeous effect.

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