Bridal mehndi designs for full hands 2014

In India, the system of applying Mehendi to the arms, feet and palms of the bride before her wedding day has a rich historical and social significance. No auspicious or traditional Indian wedding extravaganza is complete without the Mehendi ritual. Each of the wedding festivities of Roka, Nikah, Sangeet, etc are never complete if the bride is not adorning her hands with copious amount of Mehendi or Henna. According to social customs Mehendi is considered to be an auspicious element of wedding. The girl often requests the Mehendi artist to weave the alphabets of her husbands name in her arm Mehendi design. The groom is then made to search out his name from the Mehendi inscribed on his beloveds arm.
Full arm Mehendi is much preferred by brides because it makes their arms look gorgeous during the wedding ceremonies. The ceremony of Mehendi has lots of hidden customs like the colour of Mehendi after washing reflects the love of the husband towards his wife or the future compatibility between mother in law and daughter in law. In India the new bride is not allowed to do any work till the auspicious Mehendi has faded from her arms..
Traditional Mehendi designs are often subdivided into two types

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Bridal mehndi

Bridal mehndi

Bridal Mehndi design images abound the net today. Choosing the one according to your taste and to your complexion is what is needed. The motifs, the symbols in a Bridal Mehndi Design are usually intricate and thus you need to appoint an expert to make the designs perfectly on your hands, feet, and arms. If your wedding date is approaching, do not delay to book an appointment with a reputed Mehndi expert because to let the designs come out perfectly on your hands, arms or feet an expert hand is needed indeed. If you get it done by some amateur designer, your Bridal Mehndi surely will not look as great as it should be. Make sure to choose a design that includes a holy symbol related to the wedding ceremony. That will help you to stay connected to the traditions of wedding and will surely increase the auspiciousness of the occasion

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Dulhan mehendi

Dulhan mehendi

When the wedding season arrives, the Mehndi artists and experts make a booming business out of the countless orders and appointments they get for making Dulhan Mehndi Designs on the hands, palms and feet of would-be brides. The Dulhan Mehndi Designs are truly exotic and make the hands and feet of a bride look utterly attractive. Inspiration for these designs is drawn from traditional Indian marriage customs, then from nature, from spirituality, from architectural carvings on temples and so on. After a long-term research and rigorous practice the Mehndi artists can come up with such marvelous designs to make your hands and feet look unique enough to attract all eyeballs towards them. The would-be bride is eager to apply the bridal Mehndi because it is held that applying Mehndi is an auspicious Rasam or ceremony of marriage and it will only make her marriage holy.

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Dulhan mehndi

Dulhan mehndi

Mehendi is supposed to reflect the purity of the soul and no design depicts auspiciousness of mind and purity of soul better than a beautiful Dulhan Mehendi design. The motifs used in Dulhan Mehendi are very beautiful and they are either traditional ones like Shehnai, Dholal, Palenquins, Bridal Processions, Bride and Groom images or exotic like peacocks, parrots, roses and trellises of blooms and grapes. Its a latest fashion to put in brilliant colours like blue, pink, orange and green in Mehendi pattern by shimmer and colour dust to create a matching stunning effect with the chosen outfit of the occasion. Mehendi designs for hands of brides are usually done by professional Mehendi artists or exclusive Mehendi parlours.

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